Graphene Conference

June 9th 2016  
Mikrocentrum, Eindhoven
13.00 - 18.00 hrs
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From Silicon era to Graphene era.


If we want the post-silicon era to be a graphene era, many issues still need to be resolved in the short term. We still have to take large steps in the production of high quality graphene sheets. Is CVD or chemical exfoliation the way to go? Or can they exist side by side, each allowing for different processing and functionalization steps afterwards? What is the best way to transfer and support the flakes, and to what extent does this depend on the application in mind?

Then there are also some more fundamental questions to be resolved. For example, what is the best way to create a band gap in graphene? And, what role does the support play in the electronic and magnetic properties of graphene? Although fundamental in nature, the answer to these questions is of enormous importance if we ever want to apply graphene in microelectronics.

And, in relation to all the above questions: what are the associated health risks and consequences for the environment of the envisioned graphene products and production methods? 

During the 3rd edition of the Graphene Conference we will look at these and other big questions that still need resolving before we may ever hope graphene to be THE material of the 21st century.

Our experts are a.o.:

sprekers GC

From left to right:

  • Chairman: Mark Boneschanscher, Programme Officer at FOM
  • Kees Flipse, TU/e: “Sensitivity and selectivity of epitaxial graphene gas sensors - Graphene is one of the best sensor materials for gas detection”.
  • Richard van Rhijn, ANL: “From wafer scale graphene production to 2D materials foundry”.
  • Dragan Kostic, Segula Technologies and Eindhoven University of Technology: “The impact of graphene on the career of  tennis player Djokovic”.
  • Theo Dingemans, TU/Delft: “High Performance Polymers”.

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